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PCO2 Series Carbon Dioxide Purifier

Dominick Hunter

The domnick hunter PCO2 range of carbon dioxide purifiers will remove harmful contaminants from CO2 supplies used in the manufacture of carbonated drinks. These are namely: Water, Ethylene Glycol, Hydrocarbons, Olefinic Hydrocarbons, Ammonia, Benzene, Volatile Oxygenated Hydrocarbons, Volatile Sulphur compounds, Carbonyl Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, and other trace impurities.

Traditionally, a CO2 line has been protected by passing the gas through an activated carbon filter prior to its use. Today’s quality testing equipment is however highlighting that activated carbon alone cannot achieve the gas quality required.

The domnick hunter PCO2 cartridge incorporates a mix of adsorbents that effectively remove the above contamination. The addition of a particulate retention filter, providing protection down to 0.01 micron, completes a package that will ensure CO2 conforms to the quality guidelines for carbon dioxide (published 1999) by the International Society for Beverage Technologists. (ISBT)

• Improves CO2 quality
• Ensures compliance with International Society for Beverage Technologists guidelines
• Protects drinks manufacturing processes from vapor impurities
• Easy to install and maintain
• The purifier housing is corrosion protected and guaranteed for 10 years
• ISO 9001 quality approved manufacturer