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High Flow BIO-X Vent Autoclave

Dominick Hunter

HIGH FLOW BIO-X VENT AUTOCLAVE filter cartridges are designed for critical applications where sterile air is required to break the vacuum formed by the condensation of steam inside the autoclave chamber.

At the heart of the HIGH FLOW BIO-X VENT AUTOCLAVE filter cartridge is the latest inherently hydrophobic PTFE impregnated microfibre. With a voids volume of 94%, this media gives exceptional flow rates when compared to membranes. It will remove all particles down to 0.01 micron thus removing airborne bacteria, viruses and bacteriophage.

The filter cartridges are manufactured using a heat sealed construction and no adhesives or resins are used in fabrication. The result, a product of not only exceptional quality, but also a very cost effective solution for the production of sterile air.

For maximum protection of the steril process the PTFE impregnation renders the filter media hydrophobic thus ensuring the filter media will resist the passage of entrained liquid. The filter cartridges have a readily detachable pre-filter to prevent premature blockage by large atmospheric dust particles.

Filter cartridges are 100% integrity tested prior to despatch and are fully validated by airborne bacterial challenge test methods under conditions simulating actual process operation. They can be repeatedly steam sterilised in an autoclave up to 130°C.

• High flow rates
• Hydrophobic filter medium
• Exceptional strength
• Detachable pre-filter layer
• Fully validated
• Repeatedly steam sterilizable