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SPUNFLOW QN Liquid Filter Cartridge

Dominick Hunter

Graded density, high porosity, SPUNFLOW QN are manufactured from thermally bonded Nylon or Polypropylene microfibres. Offering high throughputs, low pressure loss, high dirt capacity and long onstream life. The bonded fibre construction minimises any possibility of fibre migration and is rugged enough to resist particle shedding, even under pulse conditions. Consisting only of pure polymer, SPUNFLOW QN is compatible with most chemical processes and contain no additives, leachables or extractables and is compliant with the requirements of the FDA for food and beverage contact. Elements can be incinerated to trace ash reducing disposal costs.


• Thermally bonded polypropylene
• Available in 0.5 to 250 microns - polypropylene
• Available in 1 to 25 microns - nylon
• Available up to 40" length