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ASYPOR Microbial Liquid Filter Cartridges

Dominick Hunter

ASYPOR filter cartridges are utilised for the stabilisation, sterilisation and bioburden reduction of aqueous solutions within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultrapure water and other critical industries.

The asymmetrical ASYPOR membrane manufactured by domnick hunter, has pores graded throughout the depth of the membrane. The pores on the upstream surface, the open side, are larger than the pores on the downstream surface, the tight side. The ratio of pore size between the open side and the tight side is known as the degree of asymmetry. For ASYPOR this is controlled typically at 5:1 which has proven to be the optimum level of flow/life characteristics.

The result is a high flow, high dirt holding capacity filter cartridge when compared with symmetrical membrane filter cartridges.

ASYPOR acts in a combination of depth and absolute filtration modes progressively removing contamination of decreasing size, thus providing exceptional filtration performance and offering extended service life. ASYPOR filter cartridges offer the user assured consistency, reliability and security of performance.


• Microbial grade filter
• Micron rating range from 0.1 to 3.0 micron
• Steam sterilizable/autoclavable up to 121ºC
• 100% integrity tested prior to despatch
• Available in a comprehensive range of end cap configurations for retrofitting
• Available in post manufacture pharmaceutical and electronic grade flushes