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Sheet & Lenticular Liquid Filters

Dominick Hunter

Specifically developed for the food and beverage industry, domnick hunter filter sheets can be used in applications as diverse as the clarification of honey, the decolorisation of spirits and the microbiological stabilisation of wine and beer.

The cellulose-based media are available in two forms. Flat sheets, in a number of sizes and profiles, are for installation in filter presses. Lenticular filter cartridges are for use in fully enclosed systems. In all cases, additional filter aids such as diatomaceous earth, polyvinylpolypyrolidone and activated carbon may be incorporated within the media to enhance specific adsorptive effects. The media are designed to be sanitised and cleaned using hot water and a variety of chemicals. Steam sterilisation is possible for selected types.

Lenticular cartridge filters alleviate many of the maintenance and operational issues associated with sheet filter presses. Lenticular cartridges from domnick hunter also incorporate features that combat problems associated with earlier designs such as eccentricity between individual cells, poor wet strength, inability to backwash and dimesional change during use.


• Primary clarification, polishing and microbiological stabilisation
• Media to suit most physical stabilisation requirements
• Lenticular cartridge format for easier handling, maintenance and operation
• Improved backwashable lenticular design maximises mechanical strength
• Pre-compression during the manufacture of the lenticular cartridge alleviates the need for checking and tightening-down procedures
• Single to 4-high lenticular housing range with 12 inch and 16 inch diameter options