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SORBFLOW II and SORBFLOW II+ Liquid Filter Cartridge

Dominick Hunter

SORBFLOW II and SORBFLOW II+ are the latest innovation in hydrocarbon removal filters from domnick hunter Technologies. Due to ever tightening environmental legislation, SORBFLOW II not only features excellent emulsified oil removal, but will also reduce up to 99% of dissolved hydrocarbons. The media used In SORBFLOW II is a highly efficient proprietry hydrophobic / lipophilic specially treated polymer fibre matrix that adsorbs an average of ten times its own weight of hydrocarbon or vegetable oils. When used as a filter, water passes freely while adsorption of target hydrocarbons begins on contact. SORBFLOW II+ features a hybrid filtration media which is designed to provide superior performance in the removal of stubborn oil emulsions and dissolved hydrocarbons. The mixture consists of a bed of activated carbon embedded between two layers of the lipophilic SORBFLOW II media.

The effectiveness of activated carbon in removing both polar and non-polar organics and some inorganic heavy metals is well established. The adsorbant properties are attributed to its large surface area, ionic interactions, hydrogen bonding and surface reactivity. These properties are greatly dimished when the carbon is fouled with oils, sediment and other organic debris. The carbon bed acts as a diffusing layer for the SORBFLOW II media, together a synergy is made which increases the performance of each filtration layer greater than they would be individually.

• Adsorption/absorption of oils and hydrocarbons
• Up to 99.9% on removal of dispersed hydrocarbons
• Greater than 99.9% removal of dispersed hydrocarbons
• Available in lengths up to 40"
• Will also remove PAH's and PCB's