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TURBOSEP Separator

Dominick Hunter

TURBOSEP is a key part of domnick hunter’s filtration solutions for fermentation applications. Specifically designed for the removal of foam aggregate and aerosol from fermenter off-gas, TURBOSEP improves the overall efficiency of the fermentation process and facilitates the effective operation of final sterile filters.

This highly efficient mechanical separator has no moving parts and very low pressure drop. Foam, aerosol and entrained liquid removed from the off-gas are returned to the fermenter housing thereby minimising product loss.

TURBOSEP is a patented product of domnick hunter.


When off-gas exits the fermenter it enters the TURBOSEP unit. Fixed turbine blades spin the incoming air forcing foam and liquid to the outer walls.

The off-gas then flows across a specially designed impingement plate and spirals down the wall of the TURBOSEP. The off-gas is now free of foam and entrained liquid and exits the TURBOSEP.

Each TURBOSEP is tailor made to its application to ensure maximum effectiveness in operation and overcome critical issues with respect to installation.

• Highly efficient separation of liquid & foam from off-gas
• Due to it’s exceptional foam separation performance, TURBOSEP has allowed fermenters to be operated at an increased capacity in many fermentation process
• Reduction in the amount of antifoam required in many fermentation applications
• Continuous operation of the fermenter throughout the foaming process
• Reduction in antifoam consumption can result in cost reductions in downstream processing