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Nitrogen Generators

Dominick Hunter

domnick hunter nitrogen generators cover a wide range of flows and purities to exactly match the needs of applications including LCMS, GC, ICP, ELSD / CAD detector, Circular Dichroism and Sample Evaporation.  The optional Generators incorporating an integrated oil free compressor completely eliminate any reliance on a house compressed air supply giving complete security of supply.

The technology used to procure a continuous flow of high purity nitrogen is pressure swing absorption ( PSA ).  This technique uses one or two carbon molecular sieves beds (CMS) to eliminate oxygen and other contaminants in the ambient air selectively.
In the larger systems the beds alternate between the purification and regeneration modes to ensure continuous nitrogen production.

• Integral oil-free compressor (optional)
• Fully regenerative, proven durability PSA technology
• Soundproofed compressor box
• Simple installation
• Compact - fits under bench
• Global manufacturing support
• No manual handling of high pressure gas bottles or storage issues
• Service contracts and extended warranty available