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Regulus R400 Compressor Control Panel


The R400 is a premier engineered compressor control panel designed for API-672 – “Special Duty” compliance and beyond. As with all our panels they are designed to accommodate the operator/technician who performs service and diagnostics on-site. The heart of the R400 system is a Siemens 400 series PLC installed in a rugged, heavy gage enclosure.

The standard panel includes the following hardware features:

  • Over-sized. heavy gage, NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Panel mounted E-stop button, horn, and alarm and trip lights
  • Powerful Siemens 400 Series PLC
  • 10” graphical TFT color touch-screen HMI display
  • Expandable I/O modules
  • Memory flash card
  • USB port
  • 9 – Analog monitoring points
  • 2 – Analog outputs
  • 2 – Digital monitoring points
  • 1 – Digital Output
  • End devices mounted on instrument rack external to the enclosure
  • UL Listed

Optional hardware features include:

  • NEMA 4X SS enclosure
  • 15” TFT color touch-screen HMI
  • Multi-language screen displays
  • Additional I/O modules and sensing devices, up to:
        o Analog I/O – As required
        o Digital I/O – As required
        o Voting schemes
  • Redundancy
        o Redundant PLC’s
        o Redundant I/O
        o Redundant communications
        o Hot standby
        o Fail safe
  • MODBUS communication
  • Profibus communication
  • Ethernet module
  • Teleservice modem
  • CE and CSA compliance
  • Panel purge for hazardous environments
  • Panel heater
  • Vortex (or dual Vortex) panel cooler
  • Panel air conditioner
  • Allen Bradley – ControLogix PLC and PanelView Display
  • The R400"s 10" TFT display includes graphical presentation of the data. Screen shots are available for this display.

The R400 has a variety of option packages available to meet the individual needs of our industrial customers:

  • Auto-Dual (Combination) Control Package
  • Remote Package
  • Remote Alarm/Trip Package
  • Air Sensing Package
  • Interstage Package
  • Motor Temperature Package
  • Filter Monitoring Package
  • User Defined Transmitter Packages
  • Teleservice Package
  • Driver Vibration Monitoring Package
  • Throw Off Oil Temperature Monitoring Package
  • Water Monitoring Package
  • Interstage Temperature Control Package
  • The R400 comes standard with an extensive array of diagnostic features. The Regulus® control panels were designed by service specialists with the operator and technician in mind.

Diagnostic tools include:

  • Trending in increments as small as one second intervals. Configurable trending points to expedite trouble shooting
  • PLC fault diagnostics
  • Transmitter fault diagnostics
  • Software “keyed” by-pass of sensing devices to test instrumentation and control logic sequence.