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Summit HySyn FG Food Grade Lubricant


Summit HySyn FG series hydraulic oils are formulated specially for hydraulic systems operating in the food service and packaging industry. These fully synthetic lubricants are listed by NSF®   for H-1 application (lubricants with possible incidental food contact) and comply fully with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and are Kosher approved.

HySyn FG lubricants are fortified with oxidation inhibitors as well as anti-wear additives to enhance the superior qualities offered by the synthetic hydrocarbon base stock. They are extended life lubricants and have the same excellent software compatibility as the Summit HySyn series hydraulic oils.


Available as: HYSYN FG-15, HYSYN FG-22 HYSYN FG-32, HYSYN FG46, HYSYN FG-68, HYSYN FG-100, HYSYN FG-150

All grades are Kosher approved.