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Summit Syngear 75W/90 and 80W/140 Gear Lubricant


In today's world of efficiency improvements in most industries, there has been more emphasis placed on reducing energy requirements for equipment used in plant operations and for vehicular equipment.  Much has been done in the area of lubricants to reduce friction, thereby reducing the input power to operate equipment.  Summit has developed synthetic gear oils which will not only reduce frictional drag, but will also protect gears against failures associated with heavy loading.
Syngear 75W/90 and 80W/140 meet the requirements of the API designation GL-5, the MIL-L-2105D specification, the Mack GO-H specification, and for limited slip requirements on all types of vehicles.  Summit Syngear 75W/90 and 80W/140 are designed to meet the requirements for Eaton and Rockwell differentials.