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Summit Industrial Products V2

Summit SBL Synthetic Air Compressor LubricantSummit SBL Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricant
Formulated to provide maximum lubrication protection and service for all positive displacement blowers.
Summit DSL Synthetic Air Compressor LubricantSummit DSL Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricant
Summit DSL® synthetic lubricants are unique combinations of quality diester base-stocks and the latest additive technology.
Summit FG Air Compressor LubricantSummit FG Air Compressor Lubricant
Summit FG Series lubricants are specially designed for rotary screw, vane and reciprocating compressors being used in the food service industry.
Summit SH Series Air Compressor LubricantSummit SH Series Air Compressor Lubricant
SH® Series lubricants are recommended for rotary screw, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressors.
The Summit Sierra™ SeriesThe Summit Sierra™ Series
The Summit Sierra™ Series is formulated to provide superior lubrication performance in air compressors operating at temperatures below 200ºF. These lubricants are specifically designed to provide extended service to rotary screw air compressors operating within normal conditions. Summit Sierra™ is rated to provide superior service for 8,000 hours in most air compressor applications.
Summit Lubricant Coolant Air Compressor LubricantSummit Lubricant Coolant Air Compressor Lubricant
Employs state of the art additive technology resulting in the highest quality lubricant and coolant for air compressor applications.
Summit Ultima High Performance Air Compressor LubricantSummit Ultima High Performance Air Compressor Lubricant
Available as: Ultima, Ultima 68
Summit AU-46 Air Compressor LubricantSummit AU-46 Air Compressor Lubricant
Designed for use in rotary screw compressors. Silicone based.