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Dekker Maxima-K DV15002K-K


Introducing the Maxima-K 2k series maximum efficiency single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump

Product Features:

  • Reliable heavy duty design, built to rigid standards
  • Variable discharge port enables pumps to operate at maximum efficiency over the entire vacuum range
  • Shaft sleeves are standard, virtually eliminating the possibility of shaft wear
  • Available in different materials to suit your application
  • Standard sealing is packed gland, mechanical seals available
  • Heavy duty bearings mounted external to the pumping chamber eliminating potential bearing failure due to process contamination
  • Low operating speeds ensure an extended life cycle
  • The pump can handle large amounts of condensable vapors which enhances the performance significantly
  • No metal-to-metal contact, only one moving part
  • The pumps can handle carry-over of liquids and/or soft solids without causing damage to the internal parts
  • The design allows operation with various seal fluids
  • Low operating noise levels are in the 75-85 dBA range
  • Inlet manifold and discharge separator are optional equipment and must be purchased separately.

Materials of Construction

Mat’l Code Casing: Portplate: Impeller: Shaft:
3 Cast Iron Cast Iron 316 SS 420 SS
4 316 SS 316 SS 316 SS 316 SS
8 Cast Iron Cast Iron Ductile Iron Carbon Steel
11 Cast Iron Cast Iron 304 SS 420 SS
14 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS
Standard material pumps protected by 420 SS shaft sleeves.
316 SS pumps protected by 316 SS shaft sleeves.
P = standard seal is packed gland. Other seal materials available upon request. 

Performance Chart
Maxima-K 2K Series
Medium Vacuum Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Pump Model Number Nom Cap Min (CFM) Nom Cap Max (CFM) Max Vac (“Hg) Wt (Lbs)
DV3002K-K 1890 2700 24 3300
DV4002K-K 2400 4000 24 4840
DV5002K-K 3500 5000 24 7480
DV7002K-K 4500 7000 24 11,220
DV11002K-K 6500 11000 24 17,380
DV15002K-K 9500 15000 24 25,300