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ARCO Standard Duty Roto-Phase I


Standard Duty Roto-Phase I 

This unit is the recognized leader and standard of quality, performance, dependability, and economy since 1964. All rotary and static phase converters are usually graded, as a matter of custom, against the standard duty Roto-Phase I because of its leadership and reputation. Roto-Phase I is a general-purpose multi-motor generating system, operating a number of three phase motors having "moderate" starting torque. Where the largest single three-phase motor operated equals the Largest HP rating of the Roto-Phase, all additional three-phase motors operated should be at a lesser horsepower.

The Standard Duty Roto-Phase design is the industry leader for its quality performance and dependability in providing economical three-phase power. The Standard Duty Roto-Phase units are built from a larger rotary frame design than most converter manufacturers, therefore delivering a superior three phase converter system. All Models are rated in horsepower with specific ratings of: "LARGEST MOTOR HP" & "TOTAL HP CAPACITY". The largest motor horsepower rating is in true horsepower and is not intended to operate mis-rated motors or motor loads. If the largest matched motor has a continuous overload, or is a brand with poor power factor, the next larger Roto-Phase or The Heavy-Duty Roto-Phase design may be required. The Standard Duty Roto-Phase is designed to operate ONE motor equal to the largest motor rating plus smaller motors to obtain the total horsepower capacity of the Roto-Phase. Where TWO motors match the largest motor rating, a larger Roto-Phase is usually required...Consult Factory. The Roto-Phase name stands for more than Quality, Performance, and stands for Service and Technical support from a long list of long-time customers to a first-time installer or first-time buyer. The converter industry has changed dramatically; requiring skilled knowledge of three-phase equipment and its application for the best service and technical support available. The ARCO staff of applications engineers will provide the best service and technical support available in the converter industry. WE SET THE STANDARDS OTHERS STRIVE TO MEET.

Model Notes:

  • O.D.P. or T.E.F.C. Design Available.
  • Total horsepower capactiy may reach 2 to 3 times the larges motor HP catagory.
  • Specify 230 VAC or 460 VAC.
  • Larger models available, consult factory.
  • Refrigeration Equipment/Welders are sized by FLA/INPUT Amperes, consult factory.
  • CAUTION: For foreign motor designs, 2-speed windings, instant reverse applications, consult factory.

Roto-Phase Accessories from ARCO:

  • Starters
  • Fuses
  • Disconnects
  • Motor-Servers
  • Items sold sperately or as a package
    with Standard-Duty Roto-Phase Models.