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ARCO Center Pivot for Irrigation Roto-Phase


Center Pivot for Irrigation Roto-Phase 

The Center Pivot series Roto-Phase is designed for 460 Volt single phase to three phase irrigation equipment. The Center Pivot converter sizing is based upon 50% to 60% starting load of the total horsepower load of the tower motors on a full circle system without auto-reverse capability. On systems with auto-reverse capability, the largest motor rating for starting load of the Roto-Phase must be equal to the total horsepower amount of the tower motors. All PV series converters are standard TEFC enclosure rated, and they also have many options available upon request such as a built-in fuse disconnect switch, surge arrestor, and magnetic contactor with overload protection.

Center Pivot Irrigation is a must in today's farm economy, so don't throw your profits away on high fuel costs and expensive repairs incurred by using three phase generators. The PV Series Roto-Phase converter provides three phase power from a single phase power supply. It is the most practical and economical means available for providing three phase power to your equipment, and it is also designed to give each three phase motor its desired starting torque, even at the farthest tower. All PV Series Roto-Phase converters are constructed with TEFC rotary and NEMA 3R control panel which is suitable for outdoor installations where rainfall or dusty environments exist. ARCO Electric Products has continued to be the leader in the phase converter industry for over thirty years with our knowledge, technical support, reliability, and quality products. All of these factors are the reason why we are able to offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on our Roto-Phase converters.

Optional Built-In Accessories Available Upon Request:

  • Prewired & Fused Outdoor Disconnect Switch - Use Suffix "D" after Model Number
  • Surge Arrestor - Use Suffix "SA" after Model Number
  • Voltage Regulation - Use Suffix "VR" after Model Number
    (Only used for applications involving a pump and pivot motors;or possibly where two or more irrigation systems are operated from the same PV series Roto-Phase)
  • NOTE: It is necessary to use suffix designators when ordering optional accessories
  • The PV Series is designed for 460 VAC applications; 230 VAC is available upon request