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ARCO CL (Current Limiting) Roto-Phase


CL (Current Limiting) Roto-Phase

The "CL" Series converter reduces starting current on the Roto-Phase converter in applications where inrush current on the single-phase service may exceed the restrictions placed by the utility company on their line system. This feature reduces the Roto-Phase converter's starting current by 75% and provides the unit with a smooth acceleration to full speed without putting a strain on the utility's power lines. The current-limiting feature is available on any of the Roto-Phase models.

The ARCO Roto-Phase CL Current Limiting Unit now allows you to start-up large converters without exceeding the utility's electrical limit. It reduces starting current by 75% with a smooth acceleration to full speed and is used in any situation where sophisticated equipment or larger motors may put a drain on the power supply. Unlike anything on the market the Roto-Phase CL is equipped with a low resistance rotary phase converter to improve performance and extend the life of the machine. If you are already using a Roto-Phase to process single-phase power to three-phase power, we can connect the Roto-Phase CL directly to it or any similar converter.

Model Notes:

  • Lowers inrush current by 75%
  • Automatic switching from the start to run cycle
  • Always a successful start, even in extreme cold
  • Assembled with only the highest quality components
  • 5 year warranty
  • Case is rainproof and sleet resistant. Meets NEMA 3R classification. 

Roto-Phase Accessories from ARCO:

  • Starters
  • Fuses
  • Disconnects
  • Motor-Servers