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ARCO Standard Duty Roto-Phase I
This unit is the recognized leader and standard of quality, performance, dependability, and economy.
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ARCO Heavy Duty Roto-Phase II
The Heavy Duty Roto-Phase Design IS the top of the line in the rotary phase converter industry.
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ARCO Light Duty Roto-Phase III
This unit delivers 100% of the three phase motor horsepower, and it is comparable to our competitor's general duty and sometimes heavy duty rated units.
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ARCO Center Pivot for Irrigation Roto-Phase
The Center Pivot series Roto-Phase is designed for 460 Volt single phase to three phase irrigation equipment.
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ARCO HDH Roto-Phase
Roto-Phase designed for hoist and trolley applications.
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ARCO Automatic Roto-Phase
This series of rotary phase converter is capable of operating an unmanned simplex, duplex, or triplex pumping station.
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ARCO SP (Submersible Pump) Roto-Phase
This SP Series Roto-Phase has been designed to provide desired amperes and voltages for submersible pump applications.
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ARCO CL (Current Limiting) Roto-Phase
This converter reduces starting current on the Roto-Phase converter in applications where inrush current on the single-phase service may exceed the restrictions placed by the utility company on their line system.
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ARCO ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase
This Roto-Phase incorporates (HOA) Hands/OFF/Automatic selector switch, timers and controls to integrate with the elevator controls.
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ARCO TM Roto-Phase
The TM Series Roto-Phase converter is engineered to operate 3-phase radio and television equipment from a single-phase power supply.
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ARCO AMC Fixed Capacitor Banks
The fixed capacitor banks are designed for low voltage linear applications and incorporate high quality single phase cells which are wired in a three phase Delta configuration.
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ARCO BMC Series Capacitor
The BMC Series capacitor design incorporates high quality three phase cells which are vacuum-impregnated metallized polypropylene filled and compact size.
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