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MicroFlex e100 Compact Electric Motor Servo Drive


MicroFlex e100 integrates the advanced capabilities of real-time ETHERNET Powerlink to provide superior performance, network integration and costs savings. MicroFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated solution using real-time Ethernet. MicroFlex e100 is a compact servo drive, available in single phase from 110-230VAC or 3 phase 230VAC operation in current ratings of 3, 6 and 9A. It provides high performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core.
  • Brushless servo drive with onboard ETHERNET Powerlink for real-time control over an Ethernet network
  • Integrated Ethernet hub allows simple daisy chaining of drives
  • CAN in Automation (CiA) DS402 complient
  • CANopen DS401 network manager for low cost I/O expansion
  • Control of both rotary and linear servo motors
  • Direct online single-phase 115-230 VAC or 3 phase 230VAC
  • Universal encoder interface supporting: incremental encoder; synchronous serial interface (SSI);
  • 4 digital inputs. Opto-isolated 24V. Two inputs can be programmed to capture axis position within 1 micro-second
  • 2 digital outputs. Opto-isolated 24V PNP. 50mA per channel
  • Auto-tuning wizard and software oscilloscope facilities via Windows front end
  • Notch filters to eliminate mechanical resonance
  • LED status indicators for error and communications notification
  • USB port for configuration