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DC Brushed Linear Servo Motor LMBR Series


The brushed linear motor is designed for long stoke self-commutated servo applications. The 'platen' contains multiple coils (turns of wire) inserted into insulated slots along with a commutator bar. The 'forcer' features multiple permanent magnets and brushes for commutation. It is used with pulse width modulated (PWM) DC servo controls. The LMBR series provides high peak forces of 1070N (171 lbs); speeds to 3.8 m/sec (75 in/sec); and acceleration to 5 Gs.
  • High forces to 1070 N [171 Lbs.]
  • High acceleration to 49 m/s/s [5g's]
  • High speeds to 3.8 m/s [75 in/sec]
  • High accuracy 8.3 'm/m ['0.0001 in/ft] (encoder dependent)
  • High repeatability 1 'm [0.00004 in] (encoder dependent)
  • Stroke lengths to 3.2m [11 ft.]
  • Multiple moving magnet assemblies with overlapping trajectories
  • Self-commutation enables the use of low-cost brush-type amplifiers.
  • Relatively low cost per pound of thrust compared to brushless linear motors
  • Use with PWM brush-type servo control (refer to Baldor's DC Controls ' LD Series)