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AC Linear Induction Motors LMAC Series


Baldor's linear induction motor is designed for extremely long travel applications such as material handling and people movers. The linear induction motor consists of a 'primary' which is a coil assembly, and a 'reaction plate'. When AC voltage is applied to the coil, a traveling magnet field is created which induces current in the reaction plate. The interaction of the two magnetic fields generates the force and directs linear motion. An adjustable frequency inverter will provide velocity control of this linear induction motor. The LMAC series provides very high peak forces of 2224 N (500 lbs); speeds to 6.8 m/sec (270 in/sec) and acceleration to 1 G.
  • High forces to 2,225 N [500 Lbs.] at 15% duty cycle
  • Acceleration to 9.8 m/s2 [1g]
  • Speeds to 6.85 m/s [270 in/sec] at 60 Hz
  • Higher speeds at higher frequencies
  • Non-contact, virtually maintenance free
  • Heavy payloads
  • Unlimited stroke length
  • Use with:Single or three-phase AC line voltage, 50 or 60 Hz.Single-phase requires use of external capacitor
  • Use inverter for velocity control, or vector control and motion controller for positioning (refer to Baldor's AC controls ' 15H Inverter, 18H Vector, and Mint' positioning controllers)