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HyCore - Hybrid Core Linear Electric Motor


Baldor has redefined linear motors with a technological breakthrough. Baldor's new HyCore motor combines the best features and performance of traditional high speed, high force, closed loop brushless linear servo motors, with the cost advantages of open loop linear stepper motor technology. HyCore includes benefits, which linear motors bring to an application: zero backlash; high efficiency; unlimited travel; fast velocities and high accelerations.
  • Velocities to 1.5 m/s (60 ips)
  • Accelerations to 3g
  • Peak forces to 800 N (180 lbs)
  • Continuous force to 465 N (105 lbs)
  • Low velocity ripple
  • Unlimited travels >100m (4000 inch)
  • Large air gap .25-.75mm (0.01 - 0.03 inch)
  • Rapid settling times
  • Compatible with existing Baldor servo drives
  • Highly efficient ' provides higher forces with an overall smaller electrical load
  • Modular design ' quick for you to assemble, saving time and money
  • Large air gap ' for simplicity during assembly, making your job easier
  • Stationary platen without magnets ' no attraction of loose metal particles
  • Quick move-and-settle time ' improves machine accuracy, repeatability and throughput
  • Compact package ' allows machine designers to work with smaller footprints
  • Accuracy and repeatability of close loop packages ' to improve machines' quality and reliablity
  • Optional forced air cooling ' increases force up to 20% additional capability