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Industrial Agricultural Standby Generator


Diesel engine-driven generator systems for industrial and agricultural applications including confinement house operations, dairy farms, and greenhouse facilities. Used also as backup power systems for water treatment plants. Rugged and reliable, these generators are designed for use in many applications requiring a standby power supply.


  • All DLC generators are prototype tested, factory built and production tested.
  • Ratings from 200 kW to 150 kW. (Larger diesel ratings available - up to 2000 kW.)
  • 12V DC electric start
  • 100% full load tested for 100% block loading
  • John Deere industrial diesel engine.
  • Full status monitor provides system monitoring of low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, overspeed and overcrank.
  • Flexible fuel line connections for use with existing tanks.
  • 1800 RPM, 60 HZ, single phase, 4 lead generators.
  • Alternators are efficient brushless synchronous four-pole construction, dynamically balanced with double sealed prelubricated ball bearings.
Industrial Agricultural Standby (Diesel Liquid Cooled)
Catalog Number Kilowatt Rating Volts 1 Phase
DLC30-JD 30 120/240/VAC
DLC60-JD 60 120/240/VAC
DLC100-JD 100 120/240/VAC
DLC150-JD 150 120/240/VAC
DLC200-JD 200 120/240/VAC