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Industrial Gaseous Standby / Prime Power Generator


The Baldor Industrial Gaseous Liquid Cooled generators are custom configured to customer’s specifications and offered from 30kW to 880kW in Natural Gas or LP. IGLC power generation systems are available in open configuration, weather protective and fully sound attenuated enclosures. Every IGLC generator is designed, engineered, built and tested to the customer's specifications. Solid-state engine controls and switchgear systems are designed to meet application requirements.
Catalog Kilowatt (kW) Engine
Number Standby Rating Model Number
IGLC150NL-C 150 GTA8.3G2
IGLC185NL-C 185 GTA855-G1
IGLC215NL-C 215 GTA855-G2
IGLC250NL-C 250 GTA855-G3
IGLC280NL-C 280 GTA14-G2
IGLC325NL-C 325 GTA19-GE
IGLC350NL-C 350 GTA19-2GE
IGLC400NL-C 400 GTA28
IGLC485NL-C 485 GTA28
IGLC500N-C 500 GTA28
IGLC575NL-C 575 GTA38-G1
IGLC625NL-C 625 GTA38-G2
IGLC675NL-C 675 GTA38-G3
IGLC750N-C 750 GTA50-G1
IGLC800N-C 800 GTA50-G2
IGLC880N-C 875 GTA50-G3