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Micro Series AC Inverter Drive


Micro Series AC Inverter Drive manufactured by Leeson.

SPEEDMASTER® Micro Series inverters set the standard for out-of-the-box functionality. Plus, their modular design reduces manufacturing cost and enhances reliability, making our Micros among the most cost-effective full-featured drives. Best of all, LEESON’s customer-friendly inventory approach allows the flexibility to purchase quantities large or small to meet immediate needs.

Micro Series compact inverters offer “big drive” features for adapting standard or premium efficiency three-phase motors to adjustable speed operation. Utilizing the latest microprocessor and advanced IGBT power conversion devices, these high performance controls program and read-out in plain English terms, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking up confusing coded symbols. Complete, rugged steel enclosures for NEMA 1 (IP31) or NEMA 4/12 (IP65) service do not require additional enclosure protection as with many plastic-housed compact drives. Built-in thermal overload protection reduces additional costs. Heavy-duty wiring terminals, accessible via three conduit openings on the bottom of the housing, speed installation and cut costs. Available in single-phase and three-phase input models.
• “No language barrier,” plain-English programming and operational read-outs
• Back-lit LCD displays for easy readability. 1 line x 16 characters
• Eight-button keypad with choice of scrolling or “speed dial” access to programming, monitoring or operational functions
• “Quick Start” factory presets