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SM Vector Sub-Micro AC Inverters


This is an ideal control if you are needing full torque down to 1Hz. This control also offers 200% starting torque. The SM Series Vector control is designed for easy installation into your control panel. The compact size of this control, along with its contactor style design, takes up little room in your control panel and makes it easy to wire to. This control is easy to program and has auto tuning to make sure you get all the performance you need. It is designed for either Vector or V/Hz mode. By Leeson.
• The SM Vector drive is designed for operation with vector duty rated induction motors rated for 200, 230, 400, 460, or 590VAC from 0 to 240Hz.
• IP20 enclosure with finger safe terminals
• Easy setup and operation – program the SM Vector drive one of four different ways: 
    – From the front of the drive 
    – The optional remote keypad 
    – A PC using the TechLink Software 
    – The EPM Programmer
• Modes of operation: 
    – Constant Torque V/Hz 
    – Variable Torque V/Hz 
    – Sensorless Vector – speed mode 
    – Sensorless Vector – torque mode
• Auto Tuning determines key performance values based on the motor and installation variables. Required for operation in vector modes, but can be used to enhance performance in V/Hz mode.
• The SM Vector drive is an approved thermal overload protection device for single motor applications
• 18 isolated terminals provide 5 logic inputs and two logic outputs
• Two reference inputs allow for 4-20mA and either 0-10V or bipolar 
    –10 to +10V
• Two analog outputs indicate speed and load
• Two wire RS485 serial communication
• Output frequency 0-240Hz
• Adjustable carrier frequency 2kHz to 8kHz
• Seven preset speeds
• Jog function – forward and reverse

Available in a range of models from 1/2 thru 10 HP.