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Lo-Oil Guard Low Oil Compressor Shut OffLo-Oil Guard reduces shut downs and expensive repairs. Lo-Oil Guard operates directly on crankcase oil level-not affected by clogged muffler, crankcase vacuum or pressure.See More
Auto Electric Drain ValvesAutomatic Electric Drains are electrically operated solenoid valves. The valve is controlled by a solid state electronic timer. They can also be used for other gas and liquid applications requiring periodic flow for a preset time period.See More
LP Air Compressor LubricantLP Lubricant is compatible with commonly used seal materials and equipment designed for use with petrolium oils or non-silicone based lubricants.See More
Nitrogen Tire Fill SeriesReplacing compressed air with nitrogen for tire bill is the best thing you can do for your customer’s tires, and one of the best rewards you can have for your bottom line profits. A typical ROI for a Nitrogen Fill System is just a few months.See More
Baldor Bench and Pedestal GrindersBaldor's industrial quality, single and three phase, bench and pedestal grinders.are available having wheel diameters of from 6 to 14 inches. This well known line also includes diamond wheel and carbide tool grinders and abrasive belt grindersSee More
Baldor Polishing LathesBaldor's polishing lathes have features preferred by dentists, dental lab technicians, jewelers, lapidary, and others requiring precise trouble free polishing. The tapered shafts accommodate chucks with standard dental taper.See More
Hydra-Cell Oil Level MonitorThe Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitoring System utilizes a Murphy SWICHGAGE® Model L129CK1. Field proven in the oil industry to detect crank case oil level, the Murphy SWICHGAGE is well suited to detect oil level for Hydra-Cell pumps such as the D/G-35 shown here.See More
Baldor Industrial BuffersOur industrial buffers range in size of 1/4 horsepower to a husky 7 1/2 horsepower. These buffers are designed for use with soft cloth wheels.See More
Condensate Drain ValvesDonaldson Ultramat UFM-T zero air-loss condensate drain valve has a compact design allowing for installation in restricted space applications. The unique internal reservoir and flow channels reduce the possibility of blockage and minimize fouling of the drain valve seat allowing more thorough processing at a downstream oil/water separator.See More
Zander Traptronic-HP Automatic Drain ValveThe Zander Traptronic-HP Automatic Drain Valve relieves the high-pressure air & gas user from the responsibility of draining filters and separators manually. See More
Zander Traptronic II Solenoid Drain ValveThe Traptronic II solenoid valve uses a low-wattage (7 watts) Class H coil with Viton' internals.See More
TD Drain ValveThe TD Drain Valve controls the automatic removal of moisture from your air delivery equipment.See More
UFM-P Condensate Drain ValveThe UFM-P Condensate Drain Valve is a pneumatic level-controlled condensate drain, suitable for the operation in explosion-endangered areas.See More
Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA Oil and Water SeparatorThe Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA-AC is an oil/water separator for the purification of air compressor condensate and is particularly used with difficulty separable condensate e.g. an emulsion. The amounts of accumulating condensate can vary depending the place of installation and the season.See More
Ultracool Process Water ChillerChilled to a preadjusted temperature in a generously sized heat exchanger, Donaldson Ultracool process water chillers guarantee a secure and repeatable production process, while saving you money and protecting the environment.See More
Closed-Loop Fluid Cooling SystemDonaldson Industrial Closed-Loop Fluid Cooling System is the most costeffective cooling system available for virtually any fluid.See More
Moisture, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen AnalyzersDonaldson Analyzer Systems are designed to accurately and reliably measure moisture, carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations in breathing, medical and industrial air supplies as well as provide alarms when safe levels are exceeded.See More
Zander EcodrainThe unique ZANDER Ecodrain is the ideal drain to remove condensate effectively from compressed air or gas systems without wasting any system air or gas.See More
High Pressure Auto DrainThe ZANDER Traptronic-HP Automatic Drain Valve relieves the high-pressure air & gas user from the responsibility of draining filters and separators manually.See More
Traptronic II DrainThe ZANDER Traptronic II Solenoid Drain Valve is an important part of any compressed air system. As condensate is produced and collected by aftercoolers, separators, filters and dryers, it must then be eliminated effectively from the compressed air system. See More
Ecosep Filter SystemZANDER Filter Systems manufactures the most technologically advanced equipment to produce and eliminate particulate, moisture and residual oil from compressed air systems.See More
ED 2000 Series Condensate DrainsCondensate drains for reliable, energy efficient removal of compressed air condensate.
See More
ES2000 Oil and Water SeparatorOil/water separators for the efficient on-site disposal of compressed air condensate.
See More
Analox 3050 Carbon Monoxide MonitorWall or panel mounted monitor performs continuous sampling of compressed air to detect CO.See More
TURBOSEP SeparatorSpecifically designed for the removal of foam aggregate and aerosol from fermenter off-gas, TURBOSEP improves the overall efficiency of the fermentation process.
See More
VALAIRDATA II Sterile Gas Filter Test UnitSetting the standard for the integrity testing of Sterile Gas FiltersSee More
Hyperchill Water Chillerdomnick hunter Hyperchill water chillers celebrate a presence of over 30 years on the industrial chiller market.
See More
DS Oil/Water SeparatorsUtilizes gravity to separate oil/water mixtures and purify the condensate to a residual oil content of 20 ppm or lower. See More
Proclean 39V Devarnishing Compound For Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum SystemsProclean 39V Devarnishing Compound For Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems See More
Proclean 68D Devarnishing Compound For Rotary Vane Pumps Proclean 68D Devarnishing Compound For Rotary Vane PumpsSee More
Scale-eX Descaling Compound For Water Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum SystemsScale-eX descaling compound for water sealed liquid ring pumps and systems. See More
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