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Electric Motor Controls

Stepper Motor and Microstepping DriverBaldor's DSMS series is a high torque stepping motor and an integral microstepping driver designed for the open loop needs of the industrial motion control industry.See More
One Way DC Electric Motor ControlsOne-way DC controls are designed to operate permanent magnet or wound field motors. If the motor's rotation needs to be changed, the armature leads need to be reversed.See More
Regenerative Electric Motor ControlsRegen controls are designed to easily operate the motor in forward and reverse directions without motor lead reversal.See More
MicroFlex e100 Compact Electric Motor Servo DriveMicroFlex e100 integrates the advanced capabilities of real-time ETHERNET Powerlink to provide superior performance, network integration and costs savings. MicroFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated solution using real-time Ethernet.See More
MicroFlex - Servo Electric Motor ControlBaldor's MicroFlex is a compact brushless servo control capable of powering either rotary or linear motors. Input command may be the industry standard +/- 10 Vdc (velocity or torque), or pulse and direction (solutions for stepper upgrade packages).See More
Flex Drive II Electrical Motor ControlsBaldor's FlexDrive II is a fully featured 1 axis brushless servo which provides high performance control of rotary and linear brushless servo motors.See More
Flex Plus Drive II - Servo Motor ControlRepeatable moves become a breeze to accomplish with this easy-to-set-up package. Baldor's Flex+DriveII is similar to the FlexDrive series, however incorporating intelligence for indexing applications.See More
MintDrive II - Motion Controller and Servo DriveBaldor's award winning MintDrive II integrates a powerful motion controller and servo drive into an intelligent compact package. The MintDrive II provides motion control for single-axis applications for rotary or linear brushless servo motors.See More
EuroFlex - Controls Rotary and Linear Servo MotorsEuroFlex is a compact EuroCard format servo drive, available in single phase from 24-80VDC or 18-56VAC, 5A continuous, 15A peak. EuroFlex provides high performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core.See More
MotiFlex e100 - 3 Phase Electric Motor DriveMotiFlex e100 is the latest generation of 3 phase drive from Baldor. System architecture is simplified by a single, highly flexible drive and motion control platform.See More
DC Brushless Adjustable Speed Motors and ControlsBaldor's BMC-series of controls now provides designers the advantages and benefits of brushless technology for adjustable speed applications' these include quieter operation, less maintenance, tight speed regulation and a more efficient design.See More
TSD Series - PWM Drive Control for DC Servo MotorsBaldor's TSD is a totally enclosed PWM drive for control of one or two DC servo motors. Panel mount enclosure, completely stand-alone unit plugs into 115 or 220 Vac. Accepts industry standard +/- 10 Vdc input command for operation in either velocity or current mode.See More
UM Series Servo Motor ControlThe UM control is an open chassis configuration designed to operate a wide range of Baldor's DC servo motors. The UM series typically contains from one to six servo control cards mounted onto a multi-axes chassis containing a power supply.See More
LD Series - Servo Electric Motor ControlsThe LD series servo control is an open chassis configuration similar to the UM, however operates direct from 115 Vac. The LD contains one or two servo control cards mounted onto a chassis, provide 15 amps continuous, 30 amps peak per axis.See More
ES3000 Compressor ControllerWith its simple design and easy-to-read indicator lights, the ES3000 is one of the finest controllers for light and medium-duty rotary screw compressors. Whether the compressor is remotely monitored or being used to control up to five (5) additional compressors, the ES3000 will provide real-time feedback on maintenance times, operating conditions and compressor performance.See More
Airlogic Compressor ControllerUtilizing artificial intelligence, the AIRLOGIC analyzes the load pattern and switches off the motor during periods of light air demands to avoid the long off load cycles when not required. The AIRLOGIC can be programmed to switch on and off at the start and finish of different production shifts or during breaks, eliminating the need for an operator to monitor the compressor and saving energy by stopping the compressor when not required.See More
SPEEDMASTER Adjustable Speed AC and DC DrivesFHP Series AC Drives manufactured by Leeson. As the demand for tighter process control and greater operating efficiency grows, customers increasingly look to LEESON for easy-to-use, cost-effective inverters and complete motor and drives solutions.See More
Micro Series AC Inverter DriveMicro Series AC Inverter Drive manufactured by Leeson. SPEEDMASTER® Micro Series inverters set the standard for out-of-the-box functionality. Utilizing the latest microprocessor and advanced
IGBT power conversion devices, these high performance controls program and read-out in plain English terms, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking up confusing coded symbols.See More
SM Series Sub-Micro AC InvertersBig value! The SM Series Sub Micro AC Inverter is the ideal solution for simple speed control applications. Like all LEESON Sub-Micro Drives, the SM utilizes the innovative Electronic Programming Module for fast, error free drive configuration. Also with over 50 programmable functions, the SM has 11 isolated I/O terminals and a programmable Form A relay for status indication. Manufactured by Leeson.See More
SM Plus Sub-Micro AC InvertersIdeal for OEM or multi-drive applications, the ultra-compact SM Plus inverter offers a removable Electronic Programming Module for off-line set-up and program replication. Over 50 programmable functions, 18 isolated I/O terminals and other software-intensive features mean unlimited versatility. No other Sub-Micro class drive offers a greater range of performance enhancements. Its advanced design makes the SM Plus cost-competitive with DC drives, two-speed motors, adjustable pulleys, soft starters–even, in many cases, with fixed speed AC systems. Manufactured by Leeson.See More
DC SCR ControlsSPEEDMASTER® DC drives range from sub-fractionalhorsepower through 3 HP. SCR and PWM versions are offered, in reversing or non-reversing options. Manufactured by Leeson.See More
DC Regenerative ControlsAs the demand for tighter process control and greater operating efficiency grows, customers increasingly look to LEESON for easy-to-use, cost-effective inverters and complete motor and drives solutions.See More
DC Pulse Width Modulated ControlsThe DC Pulse Width Modulated Controllers are available in Sub-FHP thru 1/4 HP models. By Leeson.See More
SM Vector Sub-Micro AC Inverters The SM Series Vector control is designed for easy installation into your control panel. The compact size of this control, along with its contactor style design, takes up little room in your control panel and makes it easy to wire to. This control is easy to program and has auto tuning to make sure you get all the performance you need. It is designed for either Vector or V/Hz mode. By Leeson.See More
SM2 Series Flux Vector AC Inverters Choose Leeson for the best solution to your unique motor, drive, and controller needs. SM2 Series Flux AC Inverters are available in 1/2 thru 25 HP models.See More
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