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Cat Pumps

Belt-Drive Plunger Pumps and Piston PumpsBelt-drive is the optimum drive choice for your triplex high pressure piston or plunger pump. A belt-drive provides complete flow flexibility and added shock absorption for your system.See More
Self-Service Car Wash PumpsThe most popular belt-drive or direct-drive plunger pumps for self-service bays now offering the new stainless steel sleeved manifold for extended life.See More
Triplex Plunger Pumps - Self-Service Car Wash PumpHeavy-duty plunger pumps for belt-drive or direct-drive plunger pumps for self-service bays. See More
Triplex Piston Pump - Self-Service Car Wash PumpThe original PUMPS WITH NINE LIVES are still in heavy demand for belt-drive self-service bays and prep-units.See More
Automatic Car Wash PumpsLeading choice in touch-free and friction automatic car wash systems providing dependability and low maintenance.See More
Automatic Car Wash Pump - 1540E Triplex Plunger PumpThe very popular midsize pump for both touch free and friction wash systems.See More
Automatic Car Wash Pumps - 1530 Triplex Plunger PumpsPopular midsize pump for reduced water consumption in automatic car wash systems.See More
Automatic Car Wash Pump - 2530 Triplex Plunger PumpsMidsize pump offers a bit more flow for your automatic car wash system. See More
Carpet Cleaning Pumps - 3CP Plunger Pump SeriesBelt-drive, Direct-drive, Clutch-drive, Hi-Temp Seals, solid ceramic plungers, easy-to-service valve and seals.See More
Carpet Cleaning Pumps - 5CP Plunger Pump SeriesBelt-drive, Direct-drive, Clutch-drive, Hi-Temp Seals, solid ceramic plungers, easy-to-service valves and seals. See More
Carpet Cleaning Pump - 1LX Axial Plunger PumpBelt-drive or Direct-drive, Heat resistant liquid-end and regulator, Smooth whisper quiet operation. See More
New Pulse Pump High Pressure Chemical ApplicatorThe new 6350 Pulse Pump accessory conveniently mounts into any inlet valve port of your high-pressure plunger pump manifold.See More
Injection Pumps - Oilfield, Chemical, High PressureCAT PUMPS deliver a constant head pressure for injection, oilfield transfer and process applications, operate under continuous-duty conditions and require little maintenance.See More
Close-Coupled, Direct-Drive Motor-Pump Units with Triplex High Pressure PumpsOur close coupled, motor-pump units featuring our triplex high pressure pumps offer a compact direct-drive alternative for small spaces.See More
Desalination-Reverse Osmosis Seawater Pumps and SystemsCAT PUMPS desalination pumps cover flows from .5 to 240 GPM. To meet limited space requirements of some small reverse osmosis desalination systems.See More
Flushed Pumps Brass and Stainless SteelThese flushed pumps also handle high vapor liquids and provide containment of liquids for a safe work environment. Either brass and stainless steel liquid-end construction is available.See More
High Pressure Cleaning Systems Pumping SystemsOur extensive selection of high pressure water pumps are used in a variety of high pressure cleaning systems for application.See More
Hydraulic Powered High Pressure Pump SystemsCAT PUMPS hydraulic powered, high pressure pump systems are available in a variety of configurations.See More
Hydrostatic Pumps - Hydrostatic Testing PumpsCAT PUMPS triplex, positive displacement design is a highly dependable pump selection for hydrostatic testing applications.See More
Industrial High Pressure Direct-Drive Gearbox PumpsWhen you need a compact, direct- drive, industrial, high pressure pump, consider CAT PUMPS’ industrial gearbox pumps.See More
Industrial Liquid Handling PumpsCAT PUMPS is a premier supplier of triplex positive displacement industrial liquid handling pumps capable of both high flows and high pressures.See More
Liquid CO2 Pumps for High Vapor LiquidsOur custom CO2 pump design offers a simple and affordable solution for pumping CO2 and other high vapor liquids.See More
Misting, Fogging, Cooling and Humidity Control PumpsCAT PUMPS CAT PUMPS offers a complete line of brass and stainless steel pumps for misting, fogging, cooling and humidity control.See More
7 FR Plunger Pump Series - Gearbox-Drive Close Coupled Pressure Washer PumpsContinuous-duty Gearbox-Drive Plunger Pumps for Industrial Gas Pressure Washers.See More
7 FR Plunger Pump Series - Gearbox-Drive Close Coupled Pressure Washer PumpsHeavy-duty Gearbox-Drive Plunger Pumps for Industrial Gas Pressure Washers. See More
Triplex Positive Displacement Piston and Plunger PumpsOur positive displacement pumps deliver a consistent amount of liquid in direct proportion to the RPM of the pump.See More
Process Pumps and SystemsCAT PUMPS industrial, positive displacement, triplex process pumps are designed for harsh applications and continuous-duty performance.See More
Pumping Systems Custom Power UnitsCAT PUMPS builds custom designed pumping systems to your specifications.See More
Stainless Steel PumpsCAT PUMPS offers a complete line of 316SS and Duplex stainless steel pumps to meet the demands of many industrial applications requiring corrosion resistance and strength.See More
7CP6110 Close-Coupled, Direct-Drive High Pressure Plunger Pump UnitThis compact, single extended shaft 7CP plunger pump mounts onto a motor using a bell housing and flexible coupling. Two close-coupled, motor- pump units are available for 1460 PSI or 2000 PSI performance.See More
7250 PSI Pressure Sensitive Regulating UnloaderThis rugged industrial unloader sets system pressure and protects from over pressure in higher pressure systems up to 7250 PSI.See More
Model 311C Stainless Steel Flushed PumpsThe flushed pumps greatly enhance seal life and keep maintenance costs down when pumping low lubricity and high temperature liquids.See More
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