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DG-03 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell D/G-03 Series features an rpm of 1750 with max inlet pressure of 250 psi.
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DG-04 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell D/G-04 Series feature up to 3.0 gpm with maximum inlet pressure of 500 psi.
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DG-10 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell D/G 10 Series is available with 250 psi max inlet pressure and up to 1750 rpm.
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DG-12 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell D/G-12 Series features max inlet pressure of 250 psi with up to 8 gpm.
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DG-15/17 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell DG-15/17 Series features max RPM up to 1450 and max inlet pressure of 500 psi.
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DG-35 Series Pump
The Hydra-Cell D/G-35 Series features pressure variable to 1200 psi (83 bar) and up to 36.5 gpm.
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FG-20 Series Pump
The F/G-20 Series is available with gpm up to 1.00 and max inlet pressure of 100 psi.
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HG-25 Series Pump
The H/G-25 Series features up to 20.2 gpm and 1150 rpm.
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Slurry Duty Diaphragm Pumps
Hydra-Cell Slurry Duty Pumps are ideal for harsh abrasive slurries such as: Alumina, Bentonite, Carbon, Clay, Fly ash, Ink, Lime slurry, Paint and pigments
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T Series Model T8045
Maximum Capacity - rpm 450, gpm 45, I/min 170 
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Valves for Diaphragm Pumps
C Series Hydra-Cell Valves bypass system fluid to prevent excess system pressure. When a system discharge is completely closed, the Hydra-Cell Valve bypasses the total system fluid flow.
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Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitor
The Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitoring System utilizes a Murphy SWICHGAGE® Model L129CK1. Field proven in the oil industry to detect crank case oil level, the Murphy SWICHGAGE is well suited to detect oil level for Hydra-Cell pumps such as the D/G-35 shown here.
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