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ARCO ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase


ARCO ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase

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ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase
The ARCO ELV Series Roto-Phase is designed for freight and passenger elevators. This Roto-Phase incorporates (HOA) Hands/OFF/Automatic selector switch, timers and controls to integrate with the elevator controls.

Automatic mode operation requires a signal to be sent from the elevator call button to start the Roto-Phase. After a 2 to 3 second delay, a timer from the Roto-Phase panel sends a signal to the elevator controls for energizing the elevator motor. When the Roto-Phase is energized, a 0-60 minute timer is activated. This timer signals the Roto-Phase to shut off at the designated present time. If the elevator is called for during this preset time, the timer will reset, preventing the Roto-Phase from turning off during use. 

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TypeELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase
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