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ARCO DMC Series Capacitor


ARCO DMC Series Capacitor

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  • The DMC Series is a “dry” capacitor cell design which incorporates high quality three phase cells.  This series of power factor correction capacitor cells is normally used in applications where there is food processing.  This series of power factor correction capacitors is suitable for low voltage linear applications


  • The three phase cells which are used in the construction of the power factor banks are a “dry type” in drawn steel rectangular cans.  The capacitor cells are housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure panel.  The enclosure panel is manufactured from 16 gauge steel and is furnished with mounting holes for quick and easy installation.  Other NEMA rated enclosures are available – consult the factory

Capacitor Cell Design

  • The dry capacitor cells are constructed using an epoxy potting material as a moisture barrier and insulator.  The dielectric fluid is non-PCB, environmentally safe, and biodegradeable.
  • Self-healing technology in case of overload, the self-healing properties of the low loss metallized polypropylene will prevent permanent dielectric breakdown.
  • Internal Pressure-Sensitive Interrupter which safely removes the capacitor from service at the end-of-life or under heavy fault conditions while still maintaining the integrity of the steel casing.   
  • External resistors discharge voltage is less than 50 volts in less than 1 minute after the cell has electrically been removed from circuit.
  • Standards – UL810, C22.2 No. 190 Canadian Standards, IEC 831, UL Recognized CYTW2, cUL Recognized CYTW8

Capacitor Losses

  • The capacitor design has a total loss which is less than .5 Watts per kVAR at 60 HZ 25 degrees C.

Electrical Characteristics

  • 240 VAC, 480 VAC, 600 VAC rated Voltage at 60 HZ
  • The three phase capacitor internal connection is Delta. 
  • Capacitance Tolerance is + or – 15%.
  • Overcurrent Tolerance is 135% of rated current continuously.
  • Overvoltage Tolerance is 110% of rated voltage
  • Standard Operating Temperature is -40 F to +115 F.  Operation above 115 F will shorten the capacitor life.

Wiring Cable Insulation

  • All internal conductors are insulated stranded copper wire rated at 90 C.

Fuse Protection & Indicator Lights (Optional – Add Suffix Letter “L” to Catalog Number)

  • The internal protection fuses are time-delay and rated at 600 VAC with the sizing based upon the nominal amperage rating of the kVAR size in accordance with the National Electric Code requirements.


  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY on the capacitor cells
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