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Sanitary AODD Pumps


Sanitary AODD Pumps

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Standard’s Sanitary Pumps are the ideal solution for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Our sanitary AODD pumps feature highly polished SS316 components (32 Ra), a swivel mounting stand and an energy-efficient, oil-free air valve system.

Available with exclusive FUZED PTFE or highly efficient Santoprene diaphragms.

The unique design enables operators to sanitize CIP or COP.


 Sanitary AODD Models

SPSN15NPT1 1/2" PTFE 51 GPM (193 LPM)

 SPSN15NPS1 1/2" Santoprene 51 GPM (193LPM) 
 SPSN20NPT 2"PTFE 147 GPM (556LPM) 
 SPSN20NPS 2" Santoprene 179 GPM (677 LPM) 
 SPSN20SST 2" PTFE 147 GPM (556 LPM) 
 SPSN20SSS 2" Santoprene 179 GPM (677LPM)


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