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Cascade Machinery and Electric, Inc. and Alup Compressors along with existing marketing partner Curtis Air Compressors announces starting Sept. 20th, 2005 marketing agreements which allows Cascade to sell products from  two of the largest makers of Air Compressors in the World. This agreement will bring the latest in high technology and world competitve prices at the same time.

The products are available from all of Cascade’s locations. Between Alup and Curtis, they bring you EVERYTHING from small rotaries with integrated dryers to larger oil free machines. With Alup things like variable speed drives (VSD) is not an add-on like some manufacturers, but instead they are built right in to their "Allegro" Line of air compressors which is "state of the art" integrated technology. Both of Cascade's partners will bring on many new international designs of machines for you in the near future, as well.

We have a large inventory available and we are ready to serve you.

Leaders in air working with the Northwest and Alaska leader in air compressor service and distribution, this is good for our customers and we look forward to it.

Call a Sales Representative today for details or stop in our show rooms to see these new machines running.


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