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Air and Gas Filters

Zander MicrofilterThe Zander Microfilter is a high-efficiency filter for producing clean, oil-free compressed air and industrial gases. The entire line is modular in design and available in convenient multi-stage systems to solve your compressed air and gas problems.See More
Zander Process FilterThe Zander Process Filter's pleated depth-style element is made from a non-shedding material that can be sterilized in an autoclave or cleaned-in-place with the use of slow-speed steamSee More
Zander High Pressure FilterZander manufactures a complete range of particulate, coalescing and activated carbon filters for critical high-pressure compressed air and gas applications.See More
VBA Compressed Air FilterSterile compressed air filter for the food/beverage, electronic and hospital applications.See More
MV Series Compressed Air FilterMedical vacuum filters for removal of bacterial and other contamination from the suction side of vacuum pumps.See More
HPBAP Air FilterHigh pressure breathing air purifiers incorporating CO and CO2 removal. See More
Oil-X Evolution Compressed Air FilterThe new domnick hunter OIL-X EVOLUTION range of compressed air filters has been designed from the outset to meet current and forthcoming requirements for compressed air quality.See More
Oil-X Evolution Vaccum Pump ExhaustCompressed air purification equipment is installed to deliver high quality, clean dry air, and to eliminate the problems and costs associated with contamination. When selecting this type of equipment, the delivered air quality and the verification of performance must always be the primary driver, otherwise why install it in the first place. OIL-X EVOLUTION filters provide air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1:2001, the international standard for compressed air quality OIL-X EVOLUTION coalescing filters are the first range of filters specifically designed to deliver air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1 : 2001 when tested with the stringent requirements of the new ISO 12500-1 international standard for Compressed Air Filter TestingSee More
Mist-XL FilterDomnick Hunter MIST-XL Mist Eliminators are the result of extensive research and development, and many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high efficiency compressed air treatment equipment.

MIST-XL Mist Eliminators are specifically designed to optimize oil removal while ensuring extremely low pressure drop and long service life.See More
Oil-X 50 Bar FiltersDomnick Hunter OIL-X 50 Series intermediate pressure filters combine the well proven OIL-Xplus filter elements with specially designed housings to provide high efficiency filtration for applications up to 725 psi g (50 bar g).See More
Oil-X Evolution 4" Cast Aluminum Air FiltrationHigh Efficiency Compressed Air Filtration 4" Cast Aluminium FilterSee More
Oil-X Evolution Grade AC Compressed Air Filter

High Efficiency Point of Use Oil Vapor & Odor Removal Grade AC Combination Filter

See More
Oil-X Evolution Fabricated Compressed Air FilterHigh Efficiency Compressed Air Filtration DN50 - DN300 Fabricated Carbon Steel FiltersSee More
Oil-X Evolution OVR Oil Vapor RemovalHigh Efficiency Oil Vapour Removal (OVR) from Compressed AirSee More
Oil-X Multi-Ported FilterThe NEW domnick hunter multi-ported filter is designed to provide continuous protection from unwanted contamination in many compressed air applications.See More
BA-1400B Portable Air PurifierPortable breathing air purifier without CO or CO2 removal including ‘integral’ CO monitor/alarm.See More
Oil-X Evolution Grade WS Compressed Air FilterHigh efficiency compressed air water separators.See More
Oil-X Stainless Steel Compressed Air FilterThe OIL-Xplus stainless steel range is particularly ideal for those applications where an aggressive environment is an additional concern.See More
Railway Filters TFFiltered air to ISO8573.1 air quality class 1.-.2 and will assist in achieving class 1.2.1See More
Oil-X Evolution Vacuum Pump FilterOIL-X EVOLUTION Vacuum Pump Protection Filters are designed for the removal of liquid and solid contamination from the suction side of vacuum pump systems.See More
Regenerative NBC FiltrationThe worlds first totally regenerative Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) filtration system.See More
Oil-X Silencers & Mist EliminatorsOil eliminator/exhaust silencers for pneumatic systems.See More
TS Series Compressed Air FiltersTrouble Shooter compressed air filters and elements – for high temperature applications. See More
TX-2 Series Air Oil SeparatorsAir/Oil Separators for reduced compressor oil carryover.See More
Oil-X Elements for Non DH HousingAlternative compressed air filter elements.See More
BIO-X Retrofits Filter CartridgesBIO-X filter cartridges are particularly suitable for the increasing number of high temperature applications.See More
High Flow BIO-X Vent AutoclaveHIGH FLOW BIO-X VENT AUTOCLAVE filter cartridges are designed for critical applications where sterile air is required to break the vacuum formed by the condensation of steam inside the autoclave chamber.See More
High Flow Prepor GFA Compressed Air and Gas FilterHigh capacity glass fibre pre-filter specifically designed for the removal of bulk particulate from compressed air and gases.
See More
TETPOR Air Sterilization Filter CartridgesAir sterilisation filters providing biosecurity, absolute rated filtration and high flow rates.
See More
High Flow TETPOR H.T. Gas Sterilization FilterGas sterilisation filter cartridges to provide unrivalled performance in Process industry applications, specifically where continuous cartridge operation up to 100°C is a requirement.
See More
High Flow BIO-X Gas FilterHIGH FLOW BIO-X combines well proven depth filter technology to provide retention down to 0.01 micron in gas.
See More
PEPLYN Air Filter CartridgesPEPLYN AIR filter cartridges have been specifically designed to guarantee removal of particulate from gas streams.
See More
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