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Becker Pumps - Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker Pumps

Becker Pumps - Vacuum Pump Oil

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Becker offers a line of high quality vacuum pump oils specifically selected to optimize the performance of your Becker vacuum pump. These oils have a low vapor pressure and minimal additives, which reduce the sludging that occurs with lower quality oils.

Becker Semi-Synthetic Oil, SS-100, is a hydrocracked synthesized hydrocarbon oil with superb lubricating qualities. It is included with every Becker U-Series pump as our standard oil.

Becker Premium Synthetic Oil, PS-100, is a full synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) based oil. It is an exceptional vacuum pump oil and is especially useful for applications involving pump operation at high or low temperatures.

Becker is so confident about the above oils that we offer a FULL 1 YEAR EXTENSION (2 years total) of our standard warranty if you use either SS-100 or PS-100 oils throughout the entire warranty period.

Becker Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil, FO-100, is a full synthetic oil intended to clean pumps that have a build-up of deposits that inhibit the performance of the pump. Pumps may be operated up to 500 hours with this oil, while it cleans the deposits.
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