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PNEUDRI MiDAS Compressed Air Dryer

Dominick Hunter

PNEUDRI MiDAS Compressed Air Dryer

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PNEUDRI MiDAS, a Mini Dry Air System, provides plant engineers with uninterrupted clean dry compressed air exactly where required without the need for drying the entire compressed air system, which can be both costly and totally unnecessary.

PNEUDRI MiDAS contains a high efficiency inlet filter and one Combi-Cartridge per column, each containing desiccant material and an integral dust filter. A 100% service can be achieved in under 15 minutes due to the innovative design which does NOT require the inlet/outlet ports to be disconnected as with traditional systems.

PNEUDRI MiDAS ensures uninterrupted compressed air to ISO8573.1 class 1.2.1 or class 1.1.1, dependent on application at all times. The unit can be placed directly after a compressor OR after a particular application where the air is critical to the operating process or end product. Units can be wall or enclosure mounted using an optional mounting kit where space is limited.

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Typetotally cleans and dries compressed air down to –40°F (–40°C) pressure dewpoint
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