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High Flow TETPOR II Filter

Dominick Hunter

High Flow TETPOR II Filter

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High Flow Tetpor II gas sterilisation filters have been developed to benefit from technological advances within the manufacture of PTFE membranes. This new generation of filter sets the standard with an unrivalled combination of efficiency, flow rate and strength.

The High Flow Tetpor II will provide full retention of bacteria, viruses and particulate in process air and gas streams while providing unrivalled flow rates. Subtle changes to the structure of the PTFE have also resulted in the production of an extremely robust product now validated for 225 steam sterilisation cycles @ 142°C.

The combination of non-woven supports upstream of the membrane and an expanded net layer downstream has significant benefits. It provides increased protection and service life while guaranteeing zero fibre shedding into the process.

The High Flow Tetpor II is suitable for all sterile gas applications including fermentation inlet and off gas streams, venting, lyophilisers, autoclave vacuum breaks and blow-fill-seal equipment as well as the provision of particle free air within the electronics industry. The combination of a fully validated filter with substantially increased strength make the High Flow Tetpor II the filter of choice when sterility is of paramount importance.


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Max Operating Pressure3.5 bar (50psi)
Max Operating Temp60C (140F)
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