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PROPOR ME Advanced Filter Cartridges

Dominick Hunter

PROPOR ME Advanced Filter Cartridges

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PROPOR ME is an advanced filter cartridge that provides a cost effective means of particulate removal and microbial reduction in DI water systems. It is available in a range of removal ratings, ensuring optimum performance for the application. The filter utilises an advanced hydrophilic polyethersulphone membrane, resulting in high flow rates, long life and improved throughputs. Componentry has been specifically selected to maximise mechanical strength and maintain efficacy over long installation periods. The filter cartridges are constructed using asymmetric polyethersulphone membrane pleated between polypropylene support and spacing layers. The configuration provides high incident surface area to influent liquids. All materials of construction are inert and no wetting agents are added, ensuring low levels of extractables from the filter cartridge. Additionally the cartridges are subjected to solvent and high purity water flush prior to dispatch.


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Max Operating Pressureline pressure up to 5.0 bar (72psig) for liquids and 4.0 bar (58psi) in air/gas
Max Operating Tempup to 70C (158F) continuous and higher short term
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