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The Summit Sierra™ Series


The Summit Sierra™ Series

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The Summit Sierra™ Series is formulated to provide superior lubrication performance in air compressors operating at temperatures below 200ºF. These lubricants are specifically designed to provide extended service to rotary screw air compressors operating within normal conditions. Summit Sierra™ is rated to provide superior service for 8,000 hours in most air compressor applications.

Produced from the highest grade additives and base stocks available, the Summit Sierra™ Series will continue to protect air compressors from wear and deposit formation where other compressor lubricants fail. Based on lubrication technology with millions of hours of proven performance, Summit Sierra™ is supported by the Summit’s performance guarantee. Utilizing the free in-house lubrication analysis provided by Summit, professional lab technicians can track the performance of the lubricant and will determine when the lubricant needs to be changed. The Summit Sierra™ Series is compatible with most rotary screw air compressor lubricants on the market. It is not compatible with silicone or polyglycol based air compressor lubricants.

Available as: Summit Sierra™ 32, 46 and 68
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