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One of the latest expansions of our product portfolio for vacuum systems is a flexible PLC control system "Memento". Memento is 100% based on "open source" platform CoDeSys, which ensures the customer the best opportunities for expansion and competitive maintenance of the system. Usability The user interface is displayed on an intuitive touch screen, where the user can easily and quickly change parameters in the vacuum system for optimization depending on production. Additionaly, Memento monitor constant the state of pumping unit, such as the temperature of bearings and the correct flow of operating liquid to prevent accidental shutdowns. Communication Memento can send and receive data from one every other PLC or SCADA system through the fieldbus card. •Settings for opening / closing of cyclones and hoppers can easily be configured by a user without knowledge of PLC programming. •SCS (Self Cleaning System) - automatic cleaning program that allows automatic supply of additional operating fluid to the pump. •Monitoring of the temperature of the pump bearings makes it possible to predict the necessity for service. •Monitoring of the temperature of service liquid makes it possible to predict the necessity for service. •Monitoring of the current performance of the vacuum system. •Data about the production peak etc. Memento can communicate with all SCADA systems. •Monitoring of the actual power consumption. •Total overview. The user can anytime see on an interface all current functions of the system.
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