ARCO Automatic Power Factor Correction Capacitor

The Automatic power factor correction capacitor systems are designed to automatically switch capacitors in and out of the three phase electrical system in order to maintain a predetermined level of power factor.

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  • The Automatic power factor correction capacitor systems are designed to automatically switch capacitors in and out of the three phase electrical system in order to maintain a predetermined level of power factor.  Commercial and industrial customers with large loads are able to maintain a desired power factor level driven by utility tariffs as well as reduce system losses.  The benefit in using an automatic bank of capacitors allows for fewer installations than when using smaller fixed capacitor banks, and the installation costs can be reduced drastically when using the automatic systems.  Automatic banks are virtually maintenance free after installation.  The fully automated controller in the automatic power factor bank provides utility grade metering that offers real time power and energy monitoring with hundreds of parameters captured, logged, and available for taking action and/ or passing to other systems displayed locally and/ or remotely.


  • All standard components which include the three phase capacitor cells, controller, contactors, fuses & fuse blown indicator lights, ventilation system, power ON/OFF indicator lights, and the Push-to-Test push buttons are housed in a 12 Gauge NEMA 1 steel cabinet enclosure with ANSI #70 light grey paint.  The enclosure panel comes complete with removable lifting eyes and lockable door handle.  All units include the split-core current transformer which will be used in conjunction with the controller ƒ?? PLEASE SPECIFY THE CURRENT RATING OF THE THREE PHASE SWITCHGEAR SERVICE IN ORDER TO CORRECTLY SIZE THE SPLIT-CORE TRANSFORMER. 

Capacitor Cell Design

  • The high quality three phase cells which are used in the construction of the power factor banks are  vacuum-impregnated metallized polypropylene filled with a dielectric fluid and hermetically sealed in a rugged steel welded case to give added insulation, excellent corona protection, and a moisture barrier.
  • The dielectric fluid used in the capacitor cells is a green Non-PCB, non-toxic, biodegradable, and Class III combustible fluid.
  • Self-healing technology in case of overload, the self-healing properties of the low loss metallized polypropylene will prevent permanent dielectric breakdown.
  • Internal Pressure-Sensitive Interrupter which safely removes the capacitor from service at the end-of-life or under heavy fault conditions while still maintaining the integrity of the steel casing.   
  • Internal resistors discharge voltage is less than 50 volts in less than 1 minute after the cell has electrically been removed from circuit.
  • Standards ƒ?? UL810, C22.2 No. 190 Canadian Standards, ANSI/IEEE 18, IEC 831, NEMA CP-1, UL Recognized CYTW2, and cUL Recognized CYTW8
  • The capacitor design has a total loss which is less than .5 Watts per kVAR at 60 HZ 25 degrees C.

Electrical Characteristics

  • 240 VAC, 480 VAC, 600 VAC rated Voltage at 60 HZ
  • 50 ƒ?? 1000 KVAR sizes available ƒ?? FOR SIZES ABOVE 1000 KVAR CONSULT FACTORY.
  • Capacitance Tolerance is + or ƒ?? 15%.
  • Overcurrent Tolerance is 135% of rated current continuously.
  • Overvoltage Tolerance is 110% of rated voltage
  • Standard Operating Temperature is -40 F to +115 F.  Operation above 115 F will shorten the capacitor life.

Wiring Cable Insulation

  • All internal conductors are insulated stranded copper wire rated at 90 C.

Fuse Protection & Indicator Lights

  • The internal protection fuses are time-delay and rated at 600 VAC with the sizing based upon the nominal amperage rating of the kVAR size in accordance with the National Electric Code requirements.


  • Tuning Filter Reactors
  • Outdoor NEMA 3R Enclosure
  • Molded-Case Circuit Breaker internally mounted with external operator
  • Main Fused Disconnect Switch in smaller units ƒ?? CONSULT FACTORY
  • UL Listed Service Entrance
  • Panel View for controller
  • Ethernet Connection for remote data access
  • Bottom Enclosure Panel Entry (Standard location is top right side of enclosure)
  • Safety Door Interlock (Only required if door entry is on the left side of enclosure panel.)


  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY on the capacitor cells

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