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Electric Motor Repair

We have been repairing electric motors since 1918 and a lot has changed since then. Our team of experts are always staying on top of modern technology updates and upgrades. For example, rewiring was that was once done by hand can now be done faster and more accurately with computerized winding machines.

What is electric motor rewinding?

Coils inside of electric motors become damaged, shorted, or grounding. Rather than replacing the entire motor, rewinding is a process of repairing the damaged coils. 

The coils are removed, repaired and rewound then reinstalled with rebuilt armatures or other components necessary for the proper functioning of your electric motors.

These are the basic steps we take during an electric motor repair:

1 . Computer Analysis of your current motor

Before our technicians begin working on your motor, we analyze each component. We are recording every slot and coil turn and pitch. The wire size is measured with pinpoint accuracy, so the coils we make will be identical to your original working motor. All database is entered into our system for rebuild accuracy as well as future records of your particular specification.

2. Removal of any damaged windings

Damage windings are removed, and the motor is cleaned. Leftover resin and varnish are cleaned as well as insulation. We often find contaminant that lead to the damaged coils. Removal and thorough cleaning of your motor will prevent future damage after the rewinding process is complete.

3. Clean and Paint the Stator

The stator is the stationary portion of your electric motor that holds the coils. We will clean the stator of contaminants, then paint the stator with a specially designed insulating paint. This process prevents future damage. Insulation is lined in the stator slots. Insulating the stator slots prevents shorts because the coils will not be able to make contact with the motor core.

4. Build New Coils

Depending on the type of coil, different winding heads are used. Our original analysis of your motor generates the data needed to create exact replicas of the original coils. Our technician building the new coils will test the wire as they are winding the new wire. This allows us to detect any issues with the wire before it is installed into the stator slots.

5. Insert Into the Stator Slots

After testing the windings of the new coils, the tech adds them to the correct stator slots. Once inserted, further insulation called wedging is installed to the protect the coil and the motor from future damage. Lacing is also added for greater stability.

6. Test the New Coils

Before we run the motor, we connect the motor leads Baker testing equipment. This provides a quality test and confirms the integrity and efficiency of the rewinding process.

7. Dry, Coat, & Cure

The final step in the repair is to bake the motor in an oven. The baking process dries out any moisture which could lead to future degradation of the product. Any contaminants not discovered in the cleaning process is removed via heat as well. After heating the motor, the technician dips the motor into varnish which further protects the coils and motor. Once the varnish is applied the motor will be cured before use.

8. Test Again

Once completely cured, the technician runs the motor through a final round of testing. The test is designed to confirm the motor is running at full capacity and all portions are completely optimized for your particular use.

The process may seem detailed and costly, but the process is much more affordable than purchasing a new motor. Our technicians have years of experience and your motor will often be better than when you originally purchased the equipment. The care and precision given to the repair will greatly extend the life of the motor as well.

We service all brands and manufacturers.

The following are the standard manufacturers we service and repair along with a sample of their various models. Even if yours is not listed below, we can still service it. We service all brands and manufacturers.

We repair and rebuild with efficiency and precision.

  • Our state of the art technology allows us to rebuild motors by rewinding so you avoid purchasing expensive new systems.
  • We use Baker testing equipment on every motor before and after the repair. Testing allows us to understand the exact repairs needed, and confirm when the repair is complete.
  • Our systems allow us to repair a wide range of motors. We can repair motors up to 800 HP.
  • We repair both AC & DC motors, 1 Phase and 3 Phase.
  • Our Bayco ovens can cure and dry motors up to 8 feet in diameter and our dip tank is able to dip rotors over 7 feet long.
  • Our capabilities include formed coil or mush wound, lifting magnets, holding coils, generators, regulators and alternators, along with shaft and “end” bells.

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