BIO-X II Air and Gas Sterilization Cartridges

Robust air and gas sterilisation cartridges capable of operating at high temperatures.

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Domnick Hunter

Parker purification and separation technologies offer premium compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support. They offer more compressed air and gas filter types and configurations than any other company, and their systems are mission-critical to almost every industry, on every continent, including transportation/mobile equipment, industrial/plant equipment, food and beverage, life sciences, process industries, marine and power generation.


BIO-X II represents the latest in air and gas sterilisation design when a more robust cartridge and/or a capability to operate at high process gas temperatures is required. It is particularly suited to applications in the dairy, brewery and food processing industries.

The strength of the cartridge is achieved by a unique construction which utilises:

Stainless steel support cylinders and stainless steel end caps.

Nomex* support materials which provide a strength and support to the media even in very high inlet gas temperatures.

Polypropylene degrades over time in elevated temperatures – BIO-X II avoids the use of such componentry to guarantee use in process temperatures up to 200?øC.

BIO-X II is also fully validated for the removal of submicron particles down to 0.01 micron, thus ensuring the complete removal of all micro-organisms including bacteria and viruses. Exceptional strength and absolute security is assured.

*Nomex is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. Inc.


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