Microbially retentive polyethersulphone membrane provides absolute rated Cryptosporidium-oocyst filtration to meet the specific needs of the food, beverage and water industries.

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Domnick Hunter

Parker purification and separation technologies offer premium compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support. They offer more compressed air and gas filter types and configurations than any other company, and their systems are mission-critical to almost every industry, on every continent, including transportation/mobile equipment, industrial/plant equipment, food and beverage, life sciences, process industries, marine and power generation.


CRYPTOCLEAR PES utilises the unique properties of a microbially retentive polyethersulphone membrane providing absolute rated Cryptosporidiumoocyst filtration to meet the specific needs of the food, beverage and water industries.

CRYPTOCLEAR PES membrane has an asymmetrical pore structure with a high voids volume which offers unrivalled oocyst retention capacity resulting in higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes..

The material is inherently hydrophilic and contains no wetting agents. The filter cartridges have low extractable levels and can be easily and repeatedly integrity tested..

The CRYPTOCLEAR PES filter cartridge construction is robust and is tested under worst-case conditions well beyond those encountered during normal operation. This provides a reliable and secure filtration system which can repeatedly produce high quality Cryptosporidium oocyst free water..

All filter cartridges are marked with a laser etched part number, micron rating and a unique serial number which allows full traceability of the materials of construction..

They are manufactured to the highest possible standards in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:1994. All materials of construction conform to USP Plastics Class VI – 121?øC.

The domnick hunter CRYPTOCLEAR PES product is listed in the Water Fittings & Materials Directive Part II as a WRAS Approved Product. WRAS – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme BS6920 Test of Effect on Water Quality.


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