HPBAP Series Stationary Breathing Air Purifier

High pressure breathing air purifiers incorporating CO and CO2 removal.

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Domnick Hunter

Parker purification and separation technologies offer premium compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support. They offer more compressed air and gas filter types and configurations than any other company, and their systems are mission-critical to almost every industry, on every continent, including transportation/mobile equipment, industrial/plant equipment, food and beverage, life sciences, process industries, marine and power generation.


The domnick hunter range of high pressure breathing air purifiers (HPBAP) can be used with most high-pressure compressed air systems up to 350 bar g (5075 psi g).

Purification requirements of high pressure breathing air are basically the same as those for low pressure although the need to dry air down to very low dewpoints is essential to prevent freezing of valves and other downstream equipment.

The domnick hunter range of high pressure breathing air purifiers offers complete protection against carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). All purifiers in the range are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance with simple in-line connections. Integral safety devices are standard and provision is made for air quality sampling.

These purifiers utilise two main stages of air treatment each with specific functions: Stage 1 Grade AA – High efficiency coalescing filter; Stage 2 is a composite cartridge, which has five individual processes.

1) A molecular sieve for the adsorption of water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2).

2) A bed of activated carbon for the adsorption of oil vapour and odours.

3) A catalyst bed for the oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO2) by chemisorption and catalysis.

4) A further molecular sieve for the removal of water vapour and reduction of carbon dioxide levels.

5) A dust retention stage incorporating stainless steel support grids to ensure cartridge integrity.

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