Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitor

The Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitoring System utilizes a Murphy SWICHGAGE® Model L129CK1. Field proven in the oil industry to detect crank case oil level, the Murphy SWICHGAGE is well suited to detect oil level for Hydra-Cell pumps such as the D/G-35 shown here.

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  • Ideal for remote or critical industrial applications such as oil fields, paper mills and automotive plants
  • Detects dramatic change to the pump’s oil level to minimize costly industrial process interruptions and potential pump damage
  • Adjustable height works with all Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps

For many years, Hydra-Cell customers have used oil level monitors for their critical or remote industrial applications. Now, Wanner Engineering has designed a compact, rugged, ready-to-go mounting kit to monitor pump oil level using a Murphy SWICHGAGE.

In remote applications such as an oil field or critical applications like a paper mill, detecting a sudden, radical change in pump oil level can save the pump from severe damage and more importantly, minimize costly interruptions to the process.

The Oil Level Monitor Mounting Kit is easy to assemble and can be used with all Hydra-Cell pumps. The Oil Level Mounting kit includes the switch mounting bracket and all necessary hardware. The Murphy SWICHGAGE is sold separately

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