Moisture, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen Analyzers

Donaldson Analyzer Systems are designed to accurately and reliably measure moisture, carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations in breathing, medical and industrial air supplies as well as provide alarms when safe levels are exceeded.

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The Moisture Analyzer offers the unique Advanced Capacitive Transducer (A.C.T.) moisture sensor using state-of-the-art technology to produce a rugged, fast responding, trace moisture sensor. The Carbon Monoxide Analyzer provides an advanced electrochemical sensor with digitized output that is sent to a microprocessor based analyzer featuring: a digital display of carbon monoxide concentrations, up to two software adjustable alarm contacts with visual and audible alarms, and a voltage or current analog output that has user adjustable zero and span. Donaldson Series 200 Oxygen Analyzer utilizes a replaceable electrochemical cell. Advanced features are lower temperature coefficient due to diffusion barrier design, immunity to CO2, and its wide range.

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