Next Move PCI-2 Motion Controller

NextMove PCI-2 is the latest generation PCI based motion controller from Baldor. Based around the popular NextMove PCI controller, NextMove PCI-2 offers a pin compatible motion controller with over twice the performance.

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The NextMove PCI-2 controller provides up to 12 axes of motion control solutions in a PCI-based package for applications looking to employ either servo or vector technology.

NextMove PCI-2 is a compact PCI based controller for the control of up to 12 axes of motion. A single card can control up to 4 axes of servo and 4 axes of stepper. Expansion cards are available to take this to 12 axes of servo and 12 axes of stepper.

On board I/O can be used to control many parts of the machine. This can be further expanded with either Baldor’s range of CAN I/O modules operating over the NextMove PCI-2 CAN bus, or alternatively, CANopen devices conforming to the standard DS401 I/O profile.

Versatile programming is provided by means of MintMT – multitasking Basic, embedded ‘C’ or the supplied ActiveX components.

NextMove PCI-2’s large Dual Ported RAM (DPR) allows for fast data transfer between the PC application and NextMove PCI. NextMove PCI-2 is ideally suited in applications where fast data transfer is required, for example high speed contouring applications.

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