Nitrogen Generators for Metal Working

Whatever your requirement for nitrogen gas, domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generators are the ideal source of nitrogen for a wide variety of metalworking applications such as laser cutting, welding and brazing.

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Domnick Hunter

Parker purification and separation technologies offer premium compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support. They offer more compressed air and gas filter types and configurations than any other company, and their systems are mission-critical to almost every industry, on every continent, including transportation/mobile equipment, industrial/plant equipment, food and beverage, life sciences, process industries, marine and power generation.


Laser cutting with nitrogen gas can require relatively high flowrates, making cylinder supply inconvenient and expensive. High pressure nitrogen generator systems from domnick hunter allow the production of nitrogen assist gas from compressed air, eliminating the need for high pressure cylinders.

Many brazing and welding operations also require a supply of nitrogen gas for blanketing and are ideal applications for MAXIGAS nitrogen generators.

Cost savings
Producing nitrogen from compressed air with MAXIGAS can cut your operating costs significantly. No on-going cylinder costs, ie rental, re-fill, delivery or order processing

Convenient, secure supply
With MAXIGAS, the gas you need is always available on demand, 24 hours a day, eliminating the risk of lost production time due to running out of gas

The right purity
MAXIGAS systems deliver the nitrogen purity your application needs – from 97% to 99.999%. Why pay for high purity if you don’t need it?

Space saver
The small footprint of MAXIGAS means that our installations take up less floor space than other systems, allowing you to use it for what it’s meant for – producing products and making money

No growing pains
domnick hunter’s unique modular design means you can simply add extra banks of MAXIGAS as your business grows and gas requirements change

The safest supply
No worries about safety hazards of storing, handling and changing of heavy high pressure cylinders and no large volumes of cryogenic liquefied gas on site

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