PDS400S – Airman Portable Air Compressor

The PDS400S features an inline, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct-inject, tier 2 compliant engine with 4 cylinders and 108 horsepower.

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When it comes to efficiency and dependability, FS CURTIS Airman Portable Compressorƒ??s ultra-quiet air compressors are designed for todayƒ??s demands. They are extremely reliable-which helps reduce downtime and maintenance.

Just as important, our superior designs meet environmental concerns and are fuel-efficient, light and well-balanced. The engine idles as low as 1,300 RPM-less than half the speed of competitive models-to increase fuel economy and reduce component wear. Noise level is as low as 64 dBA at 7 meters when idling. This is substantially less noise than competitorsƒ?? machines.

The direct-injection engine meets strict EPA Tier 2 emission standards. The FS CURTIS Portable Airman product offers a variety of applications. Accessories are available.

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